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Thread: Activity screen - how change dock size? GNOME

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    Activity screen - how change dock size? GNOME

    Hello everyone, I decided to start my adventure with Linux and so far I'm happy how everything works.
    However, there are a few things that personally irritate me. One of them is this huge application dock marked in red. By default, its size was set for people who have very poor eyesight because it is too big for me. How do I resize this element? All the information I found relates to the top bar. Do I need to install any extension or can it be done using the default system tools?

    Thanks for help

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    Re: Activity screen - how change dock size? GNOME

    In Ubuntu, the size of icons in the dock can be changed in the "Appearance" section of "Settings".

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    Re: Activity screen - how change dock size? GNOME

    The previous reply indicates you can change the size of the dock with the settings menu, but that's only for the dock that appears on screen, not the one in the activities overview. So, here's what I did instead. I disabled the Ubuntu dock, and so far, the Activities version still shows, but is as big as heck, so I just told it to display on my Wacom tablet (display 3) which is turned off and out of the way. Hope this helps! I hope we get the ability to further style it without it being forced onto the display in the future, because I'm using the Hot Edge extension, and having the dock on the bottom of the desktop view dictates that I can't pull up the activities by moving my mouse there unless I add enough force. Super annoying!


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