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Thread: GPU Drives issue with Ubuntu 22.04, External monitors freeze

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    Unhappy GPU Drives issue with Ubuntu 22.04, External monitors freeze

    Hello, I am currently having an issue that if I were to connect my laptop to a external monitors, the external monitors completely freezes. I can still move the cursor and the monitor on my laptop works fine but it is still pretty annoying and i have to turn off and on my laptop for this to fix it self, unplugging and plugging it back it does not work.

    My laptop is a Lenovo legion pro 7 4070 gpu and i9 13th gen I believe I have two external monitors, one plugged in via HDMI and one via USB -C

    To be honest i am not 100% sure if this is a drivers issue, i have gone to the software and update app to change drivers for the graphics card and issue still persists

    I have reinstalled ubuntu twice and once completely erased the partition to do a full restart (i am dual booting and i have 0 issues on the Windows 11 end)

    The only reason i use ubuntu is for software development and having a 2nd and 3rd monitor is kind of important to me, so you can imagine that the only things i have installed are VSC and Spotify basically.

    These freezes occur at any instance and this is a list of times it has happened so far:

    • run a local server using npm start (website with phaser instance running)
    • run a rust program with cargo run (i was running the bevy game engine)
    • opening up a visual studio window after it has been minimized
    • changing video on youtube (i don't remember if this is when i tried to maximize the video window)

    I cant really see a pattern to be honest in what could cause this issue. Maybe the fact that all 4 instance is where the GPU sort of gets utilised lead me to believe is a GPU driver issue...

    There was a period where this didn't happen and then since the 19th of October 2023 i did a system update and it started doing it again. I have since reinstalled ubuntu but the issue persists.

    I tried to give as much info as I could, if there is something that I missed or its needed pls ask, I would love to use my second monitor. Coding with only one monitor is a pain in the ass
    Thanks in advance, I really do appreciate it.

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    Re: GPU Drives issue with Ubuntu 22.04, External monitors freeze

    Can we also see this:
    prime-select query
    Ok I just saw Windows also, so is secure boot set to off?
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    Re: GPU Drives issue with Ubuntu 22.04, External monitors freeze


    I tried to run that code in my terminal and is says on-demand

    as for the secure boot off thing i am not 100% sure what that is but from what i could find on google something about the bios so i would say i havents touched anything in there, like i said i am dual booting so when i first start my laptop it asks me if i want ubuntu or windows

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    Re: GPU Drives issue with Ubuntu 22.04, External monitors freeze

    I have the same problem after the latest nvidia driver update
    Looks like we just have to wait for them to notice and roll back the changes

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