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Thread: About that new 22.04 workspaces?

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    Question About that new 22.04 workspaces?

    First of all I hope I'm posting in the right place. If not maybe somebody could let me know.

    I want to make sure I'm clear - I LOVE Ubuntu! I've been running Ubuntu since 12.04 (around the year 2012). I've tried other distros and (even Gentoo and Arch) and they're great and all; but I've always come back to Ubuntu.

    So.. as much as I love this distro I am a little disappointed with workspaces. Until a few days ago I had been running 20.04 and it's workspaces I was used to. It isn't just that the workspaces on 22.04 scroll horizontally - rather than vertically -but you can't seem to drag and drop windows to other workspaces the way you could before. I used click "Activites" in the top left corner and then drag whatever window I wished into a different workspace on the right side of the screen (it would pop out like a sidebar). I guess now the equivalent is statically placed boxes near the top of the screen that are laid out horizontally - and I have to drag whatever window I want to move over one of them. I've looked around in the settings a little and I can't find much related to workspaces. The obvious question I have is.. is there some way to make workspaces behave like they used to?

    Appreciate any help on this.


    ----------------- Update -----------------

    Oh, I found this..

    but it's still nice to talk to folks here since that isn't super super up to date.
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    Re: About that new 22.04 workspaces?

    Besides dragging tiny icons between the tiny boxes at the top of the activities overview, there are keyboard shortcuts to move windows to a particular workspace. For example, "move window to workspace 4". By default, these are undefined (except for "move to workspace 1"). You could activate these shortcuts and use them if you want.

    Other options:

    You can move a window to next workspace left or next workspace right using the large workspace representations on the activities overview by drag and drop.
    You can also move a window to next workspace left or next workspace right from the context menu (see screenshot).
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    Re: About that new 22.04 workspaces?

    It look like imna have to get comfortable with a slightly different way of using workspace. Thanks for all the tips!

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