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Thread: CVE-2022-40982 is not resolved.

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    Re: CVE-2022-40982 is not resolved.

    Quote Originally Posted by MAFoElffen View Post

    You are right. Please start a thread of your own here in this section for this. You have what they say is the fix for that.

    I would file a bug against intel-microcode and mark it as "affects security"... There is a checkbox for that when you file bug reports. That marks the report as a priority and sends it directly to the security team for them to triage.
    ubuntu-bug intel-microcode
    Include the intel-microcode package version, (like you did here), and the pro --fix CVE output showing that it reports the CVE as not fixed.

    Please post the details again in the new thread you created in this section, and post the link to that Bug Report so we can follow it.
    Hi MAFoElffen,

    thanks for your help and the advice! you guys may have got me wrong, i simply have no mail info about answers in this thread, and didn't assumed that the replies come so fast. i looked in my favourites once a while but saw no answer, and then did forget about this thread for 2 days (working and other fun things (-: ). so, no need to break in open doors, i LOVE linux and the idea of contribution!!

    so, i did file a report:

    It said that it is private, since i flagged it as security relevant, as you suggested. i'll upload a picture of it and open a own topic of it later, when i have more time (again, working and other fun stuff on my schedule). thanks everybody and see you later (-:

    edit 1: checked it with private browser, the link seem to be indeed private. here's a picture:
    edit 2: here is the own thread for this topic, as suggested:
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    Re: CVE-2022-40982 is not resolved.

    doublepost (third device in homeoffice at the side, srry (-: ) can be deleted.
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