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Thread: Help with web browser issues...

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    Re: Help with web browser issues...

    learning slowly....

    The slow and steady approach has always been the best way to learn bot a new operating system or any thing new in life in general.

    I can still remember all of the long and frustrating hours of debugging my own errors in my own Linux infancy and yes I'd try to post on Forums including this one expecting some one to come along and read my mind. Although that was never even rottenly close to what really actually happened I took the advice of those around me whom had even as much as just a year or two more experience then I did at that point. With several more frustrating hours of late nights when i should have been in bed sleeping especially on school nights. I steadily gained the knowledge that I didn't poses when I started my Linux journey I basked int the light of others around me whom had been using Linux much longer than a relative "newbie" such as myself.

    This isn't to say that my first foray into Linux was normal I started in a very atypical way. I dove straight into the deep end of the pool and started out by setting up a Debian file and print server for my families Local area network. I worked backwards to the desktop side of things.

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    Re: Help with web browser issues...

    NVidia and Wayland don't always play well with each other. Try selecting an X11 based session when logging in (the cog-icon on the login screen should offer the various types of sessions available on your system) and checking whether this solves your problem. Wayland and X11 are two separate basic layers for the stack of software that makes up the GUI. X11 is a lot older - and probably on the way out - but the newer Wayland stack still has its problems.

    Also you've got 23.10 installed, which is a brand new short term release. Ubuntu is released on a six-month schedule; every fourth release - the one released in April of an even numbered year - is a long term release, meaning it will be supported for five years. All other releases are only supported for nine month. Unless you like living on the bleeding edge - and there's a reason they call it 'bleeding' - or have very new hardware that isn't supported well on a long term support release, you should really use an LTS. The last LTS was 22.04, the next will be 24.04. Using an LTS means you won't have to do a full OS version upgrade every six month and the probability of problems you encounter being known and therefore solvable is higher.


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    Re: Help with web browser issues...

    When it first boots up to the Graphical Login screen, when you first select your name and the password box appears, there will be a Gear Icon that appears i the lower right hand corner. If you select that Gear Icon with your mouse, it will bring up a dropdown selection box with different Desktop Options, which will include Ubuntu on Wayland & Ubuntu on Xorg > Select Ubutu On Xorg.

    Select the Icon on the upper Left corner to brig up the chooser panel. Start typing "Software & Updates". Select that Icon. > Go to the Additional Drivers Tab > Install the nvidia-driver-390 driver.

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