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Thread: Bluetooth "manager" ? (question)

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    Bluetooth "manager" ? (question)

    Is there an option / setup to instruct Ubuntu Bluetooth manager to ALWAYS connect to Bluetooth device which was set to "connected" before reboot ?

    Ubuntu Bluetooth manager ALWAYS displays Bluetooth device(s) , hence it has record of them, but NEVER attempts to actually connect to a device , even when the device HAS power AND was active / connected BEFORE reboot. The "status" shown by Bluetooth manager is always "Disconnected" , and the actual device name is ALWAYS shown. ( Manager knows the name , but does not know its last active state )
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    Re: Bluetooth "manager" ? (question)

    If a device is marked as "Trusted" it will automatically be connected when it becomes visible. You can manually connect to a non-trusted device from it's context menu (right mouse click) in blueman-manager.


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