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Thread: Not Responding Warning/ Wait Popup Window

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    Not Responding Warning/ Wait Popup Window

    Let's start with the issue...
    For many programs the notification will pop up to tell me a program isn't responding (one in particular but that will be dealt with in another issue as this is a more global system issue). However, most of the time the software will complete its task either immediately, or immediately after pressing the 'wait' button. If not, I may have to hit wait let it load a bit, then the warning will instantly pop-up again (repeat a couple times depending on if you pause a moment before clicking wait).

    Is Timeout the function that controls that feature? Because I would very much like to reduce the rate of pop-ups. If not how may I resolve this?

    Extending whatever response time check should make a much smoother experience (as it seems to pop up within a second of taking an action).

    Also, I have noticed depending on how fast I press wait, it may close the program. Or similarly when the screen goes black (idle screensaver) it will generally exit the programs I have open. Would those be the same parameter or a different one that I may adjust?

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    Re: Not Responding Warning/ Wait Popup Window

    I also have this problem extensively on 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat), in particular with Digikam but it can be other apps as well. I'll be working in the app, typing away, and by unfortunate coincidence this dialogue will pop up right before I was going to press enter or spacebar, and my app quits immediately. Otherwise, I would have clicked "Wait" and everything would have been fine. I would love to just disable this dialogue altogether; if something has truly crashed, I'll kill it in a terminal myself. How do I go about disabling it?

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