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Thread: Screensaver that shows LAN activity?

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    Screensaver that shows LAN activity?

    I have a little ubuntu web-server I am setting up near all of my other WAN gear in the home. I want a screen saver of some sort that will show the network traffic of the home or the router it is connected to. Is this possible?

    I know this is really gimicky. But with Kids I want to visualize what is going on to some basic degree via the connected monitor, but if they try to use the mouse it will just be a locked login screen. Anything out there that will do something like this?

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    Re: Screensaver that shows LAN activity?

    The only app I know of that could do what you want (with some tweaking and customization) is Conky. I've never really played around with it but a few distros use it quite extensively to display system information, including network activity.

    More info here:

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