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Thread: Win10 - "File or directory is corrupted and unreadable" Error

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    Win10 - "File or directory is corrupted and unreadable" Error

    Hi all, I know is not so "elegant" to ask question about windows' issues but I'd like to get your opinion anyway.
    I run a dual boot windows 10 & ubuntu on my PC. Rarely I work with windows but this error occurs only from last month and only in windows environment, not ubuntu's. I've got a certain folder in my "storage" NTFS partition (which is named E: in windows and /dev/sda6 in ubuntu) and, every time I try to access it from windows I get "File or directory is corrupted and unreadable" error.
    I've tried to copy this folder from E: to C: (where windows is installed) and all works fine there therefore I think it's an only E: partition related issue.

    Both the 2 test ran on my western digital HDD went good so I'm almost sure it's not a hardware issue, just a logical issue. I also run a test on E: drive to check its file system while windows was running on and this is the result (sorry if it's not in english!)
    Chkdsk eseguito in modalità analisi su uno snapshot di volume.  
    Controllo in corso del file system su E:
    L'etichetta del volume è STORAGE.
    Fase 1: analisi della struttura del file system di base in corso...
      115600 record file elaborati.
    Verifica file completata.
      465 record di file di grandi dimensioni elaborati.                                                                                                              
      0 record file non validi elaborati.                                      
    Fase 2: analisi del collegamento dei nomi file in corso...
        Rilevata struttura file di base danneggiata per "<0x5,0x3536>"
            ... in coda per la riparazione offline.
    As you can see in step 2 ("fase 2") there's the first one of many sectors with errors but this test establishes only logical errors, doesn't it?

    Afaik this errors must be fixed performing "chkdsk E: /f /x /r" in windows command line but data lost is possible. I'd like to avoid to backup all my data stored in E: so this is my idea based on this gparted scheme

    - I split "storage" (sda6) in 2 other partitions, let's name them E: and Z:, where my data relay on E: and Z: is empty;
    - I perform chkdsk Z: and fix errors;
    - I copy my data from E: to Z: in ubuntu environment;
    - I perform chkdsk E: and fix errors;
    - I format E: and copy my data back here;
    - I format Z:;
    - I merge E: and Z: ang get only E: as at the beginning.

    All that said:
    - Do you know why this error occurs only in windows and not in ubuntu?
    - Is it possible to establish the cause of this error? I mean I'd want to know if I did something wrong so I'll avoid that in future.
    - Will my "idea" work?
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