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Thread: Need Help Building CDImages Locally

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    Need Help Building CDImages Locally

    I am trying to use ubuntu-cdimage to create my own images/ISOs locally for architectures that are not natively supported by some of the official seed combinations (for example, there are no kubuntu arm64 ISOs)

    I can checkout the ubuntu-cdimage repo and run the python scripts locally. However on trying to target any of the seeds/arch combinations, I get an error along the lines of:
    No live filesystem builder known for %s" % arch
    I am not using launchpad to attempt to build these IOSs and need to do this locally. How can I generate IOSs that are the same as Ubuntu release ISOs with the provided seeds?

    Before someone replies, these guides are NOT what I want . I need to build the ISO from scratch using the ACTUAL release seed files.
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