Every time i am trying to use Linux, and especially any Ubuntu-based distro on my computer, i keep getting a very strong issue at rebooting. Let me explain :

- My setup is Ubuntu LTS 22.04 + Windows 11, same NVME drive

- Hardware is : B550M Steel Legend / RX 6600 XT / AMD Ryzen 5 5600 / Sabrent NVME 1tb + Crucial SSD 1 TB / 16 GB DDR4 / Cooler Master MWE 850 Gold V2
- BIOS updated to latest version

- If i boot into Windows 11, and i reboot, keep rebooting multiple times, shut down the computer etc, no problem, my computer just boot normal.

- When i boot to Ubuntu, no problem, until i decide to reboot my computer.

- Ubuntu will shut down normally, computer restarts but my monitor displays a black screen, and will stay like this forever "No Signal" on the monitor.

- I tried to open my session without see anything, just to look if my RGB devices would start (meaning Ubuntu is running but not giving display) , but nothing happens, everything remains off.

- I have to shut down the computer, cut the electricity for about 10 seconds, then start the computer and everything is back to normal.

This problem gives me headache, i can't understand where it comes from .

And it's only on any Ubuntu based distro, for example if i use Manjaro i will never get that problem.

Does anyone has an idea pls ? This is really annoying issue.