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Thread: Ubuntu 22.04 only boots in lowlatency kernel

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    Ubuntu 22.04 only boots in lowlatency kernel

    I think it is linked to NVIDIA drivers but I am not sure. I had nvidia drivers installed(not sure which one) and everything was working correctly. Since I started using zoom my system started rebooting randomly. After persistent reboots, Ubuntu decided to not use nvidia anymore which I am suspecting now may have been corrupted driver.

    • I installed the driver again and after reboot got blank screen even on grub.
    • Used live boot cd to fix the grub

    Now I am able to start Ubuntu only in low latency kernels, generic and regulars do not work
    Any help will be appreciated on this:
    Nvidia Card - GTX 1660 ti mobile Kernel: 6.2.0-1009 but only 6.2.0-1009-lowlatency works
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    Re: Ubuntu 22.04 only boots in lowlatency kernel

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