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Thread: FIPS mode lost after an update

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    FIPS mode lost after an update

    We are building/testing Ubuntu Focal Fossa (20.04) in FIPS mode; currently, in a VMware vm. Recently, after applying some updates and rebooting, the system appears to have lost FIPS mode. fips-mode-setup --check says "FIPS mode is ." Should this ever happen?

    The tools to configure this are (as I understand) meant to automate this process. When I go to re-enable FIPS mode, it next asks me to manually update the bootloader.

    So I see two problems... 1) FIPS mode was lost, 2) re-enabling this via "fips-mode-setup --enable" doesn't fully work, requiring some apparent manual updating. Additionally, the output of fips-mode-setup suggests a command called "grubby" isn't present -- which prompts a manual update of the loader, but it's not available in the repositories (that I can see) -- should it be, or even if this is a dependency would it make sense to have it a part of the FIPS or base distribution.

    For us to adopt Ubuntu/FIPS in our environment, we can't have FIPS mode being disabled like this, so I want to understand how to mitigate it.

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    Re: FIPS mode lost after an update

    So, I think I solved the issue. The clevis-initramfs was missing. I joined the LUKS devices to the Tang servers, installed clevis-initramfs and rebooted, worked fine.

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    Re: FIPS mode lost after an update

    Happy you found the problem.

    So you can mark this as "Solved" now?

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