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Thread: I Need Help With The Wine FIle Explorer

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    Question I Need Help With The Wine FIle Explorer

    I am a brand new Linux Ubuntu user. I am using Ubuntu 22.04 and i have wine installed. When i go to my apps page and select the "more..." icon it opens up perfectly but, it wont let me move any of the files around. I'm using Linux to Make music using Fl Studio 21 and in order to put new plugins or samples into the program i have to put them into the appropriate folder. The wine explorer finds the folders just fine exactly as i would with windows explorer but i cant move files or add files to a folder which is halting my progress with my music. I can click cut and paste but nothing happens, i try to drag and drop it nothing happens. I cant find these folders using the terminal either. (i don't understand the Linux file system either its a little convoluted). If anyone has any idea what is going on with wine and what i could do to fix it that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: I Need Help With The Wine FIle Explorer

    Just use the linux file explorer. Everything for wine is under /home/"$USER"/.wine. Prefix's are where the "WindowsOS's" are if I recall correctly. You will likely need to show hidden folders in the file manager.

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