I have a Canon MG4250 printer/scanner which has been fine until recently but has gone belly up.

I have bought a Canon MG3650S which appears to have a similar spec and uses the same ink carts, but I find I have totally forgotten how to get the computer to recognise the new printer.
Of course the guides that come with it only consider Windows and Mac.

Can someone plod me through this step by step, please?

I've got it running offline, ie as a copier and found online how to get it to print a 'Network Settings' page, which only has data local to the printer and doesn't relate to my Wifi at all.
Applications>Settings>Printers only offers to add a basic Text-Only printer (but my guess is that's a neighbour's).

My router does not have a WPS button.
My assumption is that the drivers which work for the 4250 are also appropriate for the 3650S (this is what the Canon website seems to imply) and that I therefore do not need to download fresh ones. I'm clearly not down the road far enough to have tested that, though.

My internet use is snatched minutes at the moment due to caring duties, so my responses may be slow, for which apologies but I'd be grateful for help.