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Thread: I can't install ubuntu server on hp 260g2

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    I can't install ubuntu server on hp 260g2

    I have downloaded the ubuntu server 20.04 iso from the official page, I have mounted it with rufus, all the installation steps are perfect until it is time to install the system, nothing happens, the screen stays black, I have left it like that for hours, any solution?

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    Re: I can't install ubuntu server on hp 260g2

    What are the options you chose and what is the layout of the disks in the partitioner? It should have at least had said that the installer 'tried' to start some process... Even if that process fails... That is definitely odd.

    Did you verify the checksum of the Live Installer image before burning it to USB?

    Which point release of 20.04.x did you try to install?

    Curious-- Why 20.04 LTS instead of 22.04 LTS? LTS 22.04.2 is very solid, and the installer for that had a lot of improvements.

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