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Thread: Nautilus auto refresh issue

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    Nautilus auto refresh issue

    After update to last version of Ubuntu, Nautilus not work correct. It not automatically refresh, if I delete or replace file. It need press CTRL+R to correct display. On video I press „delete“ and CTRL+R

    My bug reports are here:
    Is it bug or not? How it it possible repair?
    My version of nautilus is 1:44.0.
    Help me if I update to version 1:44.0?
    I tried update to version 1:44.1, but not successfully. How to update to version 44.1?
    Last version of nautilus is 44.1, link here
    How to update GTK? If I install GTK 4, can I uninstal GTK 3?
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    Re: Nautilus auto refresh issue

    I found any solution. A choose Ubuntu environment. On Ubuntu it work correct and on Xorg it work bad
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