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Thread: New User - Two Questions

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    New User - Two Questions

    I am thinking of dual booting Ubuntu on an iMac, that has bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Will these work during the installation process?

    I have an iPhone 13 and an iPad pro. Will I be able to use Ubuntu, likely Rhythmbox to drag and drop music files to these devices?

    Thanks for all replies!

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    Re: New User - Two Questions

    I don't know about the first question but to copy photos to/from and iphone you should be able to download vlc for ios on your phone and do it from a browser on the laptop. Some information on it at the site linked below.

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    Re: New User - Two Questions

    I use rsync to copy photos, but have not used it to copy music.

    For music I did download some file app on phone and copied files into it. If I click on a mp3 file it plays. But if I directly go into Music, it does not see the third party folder where the music is.
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    Re: New User - Two Questions

    I can't speak specifically, since we'd have to know which iMac you are referring to, but generally speaking, getting Ubuntu or any Linux running on a Mac is very specific to the model of the Mac you are trying to install to. Some models it's a snap, others it's nearly impossible. Also, not all of the hardware works, in many cases Apple uses proprietary firmware which linux has no drivers for.

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    Re: New User - Two Questions

    One possible work around for the fact that Apple tends to use proprietary firmware I to check the download and install proprietary firmware and codec check box in the installation wizard. Even though this might add a few seconds or minutes to the installation process It may also be a good jumping off point to get you in the door initially . As for dragging and dropping video and music files onto and off of the IPad and IPhone you may need to

    here is a rather usefull link from AskUbuntu

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