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Thread: 23.04 installer crashes randomly

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    23.04 installer crashes randomly

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 23.04 as a dual boot alongside Windows 11 from a Live USB. I've made free space on my main SSD for the installation to be installed to.

    I can boot into the live environment successfully. I've tried this four times now with different results.

    One time, the installation prompt appeared after a few seconds. I was able to proceed to the last step and was even given the dual boot option. At the last step, the window simply disappeared.

    All other times, the dual boot option was not provided and I had to start the installer manually. Sometimes it took multiple tries to get it to launch. The installer always crashed at some point in the process.

    The one time the installer worked, it spat out tonnes of errors about permissions.

    Please help!

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    Re: 23.04 installer crashes randomly

    Have a look at post 2 and post 3 here:-

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