I hope that someone is willing to program this, because I have a neurological disability that makes it incredibly hard for me.

The idea uses Ludwig Koch's method to learn a person how to receive and send morse.

Just to explain some basic information about Koch's method. Information about the necessary hardware is in the link, below description of the softwares suggested functions.

The Koch method, named after German psychologist Ludwig Koch, uses the full target speed from the outset but begins with just two characters. Once strings containing those two characters can be copied with 90% accuracy, an additional character is added, and so on until the full character set is mastered. Koch himself, with hand-picked students, got a group to master receiving morse code at 13 wpm in a mere 13.5 hours!

That's much faster than any other method in the psychological literature. It's based on learned reflexes, and is arguably the best and fastest method available!

There are NO cross platform software that can teach both, only receive!

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