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Thread: Ubuntu 22.04 WiFi randomly drops internet

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    Ubuntu 22.04 WiFi randomly drops internet

    My wifi randomly disconnects from internet (but wifi still connected) and then after a while it works again.
    Rebooting helps to restore connections only for a few seconds. And then it disconnects again.
    I've tried to ping I got "destination host unreachable".
    i updated system with apt update apt upgrade. I checked update for a wireless drivers.
    I attached wireless-info when wifi is ok and when internet not works.

    I tried to configure several parameters to set up a static ip: I changed the netplan file and did something else. But now i use dhcp with default settings.
    Recently i reboot my router settings, but i think it not the problem. Other devices connects to this wifi fine. And i've tried to connect my laptop to other routers. The problem persists. Connection through usb modem works fine.
    How can i fix it?
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