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Thread: Ulimit settings doesn't applied (when I log off/after a while)

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    Question Ulimit settings doesn't applied (when I log off/after a while)

    Hello, I am developing a new module for my IPv6 Proxy Generation project. The name of the module is "rotating" and it changes the IPv6 addresses on the proxies every n minutes. This allows you to constantly use a new IPv6 address on the same port. However, I am encountering an error with high amounts of proxies (e.g. 2000). When I log out of the server after waiting for a period of time or after installing, the proxies stop working. If I restart the proxies through the script, there is no problem, but this defeats the purpose of using the module. I have tried using crontab, running it in the background with the sleep command, and using systemd, but none of these solutions have worked. I also tried using the disown command, but it did not work either. I have tried many solutions, but none have helped. Please help me..
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    Re: Ulimit settings doesn't applied (when I log off/after a while)

    ulimit is a shell built-in for the soft limits.

    Typically, if a script/program needs a specific ulimit setting, I'd have the script that starts the program set it at the top. These values would be inherited by all child processes.
    If a specific setting is required for a specific user, I'd set it in the ~/.profile which gets run at login.

    I would expect the system default to be retained after a reboot. This is a common "UNIX" thing. Don't change settings system-wide, unless absolutely necessary. Prefer to change major settings only for the smallest possible impact.

    Or am I missing something?

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