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Thread: Ubuntu SeedDms Install

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    Ubuntu SeedDms Install

    Hello, I am new to Ubuntu. I am trying install seeddms on Ubuntu 22.04. I have set up the server and installed other dependencies for the seeddms but my problem now is how do i install the Seeddms. i have enter the dir for cd /var/www/html and i also tried to copy the seeddms file using cp /Home/Downloads/seeddms-quickstart-6.0.23.tar.gz so i can extract it but i keep getting this message that bash: cp/Home/lg/Downloads/seeddms-quickstart-6.0.23.tar.gz: No such file or directory.

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    Re: Ubuntu SeedDms Install

    Try changing your copy command path to either...
    You appear to have capitalised "/home" and forgot to include your user-name. Using either of the 2 paths above in your copy command should fix your issue.
    The system variable "$HOME" inserts your home folder /home/<your username>.
    The system variable "$USER" simply inserts your username.

    Apart from missing your username, note that Linux is case sensitive ie. you need to use "/home" not "/Home"

    Regards, yeti
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