So this is a new one for me. Just did a fresh install of the latest LTS. I've got some generic bluetooth mouse I've been using without issue on various other PCs and OSs for a little while now. The problem is that it keeps disconnecting, literally after a minute or two at most, and it won't reconnect on its own. I plugged it in thinking maybe it was a charge issue. Then I noticed what was happening in the Bluetooth manager: each time the mouse disconnects a new entry (or two) appears for it in the Bluetooth manager and I have to set-up and connect to the new one to move on.

It's an older machine so I'm having to use a bluetooth dongle but I haven't had any issues previously (same machine recently with Mint, MX, and one or two other distros). I've tried removing the dongle to reset and it's had no effect. I've never seen something like this before and I'm just kind of stumped. Anyone have any ideas? It's an annoying problem but it's made especially annoying by the fact that it's happening every 90-120 seconds, even with continuous use of the mouse during that time. I have to just keep the bluetooth manager open and navigate to/through it with the keyboard constantly.blu