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Thread: Fingerprint Not Working

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    Fingerprint Not Working

    I am currently a Student and I recently switched to Ubuntu I saw that My Fingerprint Scanner is not working in Ubuntu. After that, I checked about this on the Internet and I follow the steps but I found out that my Fingerprint Scanner is not supported in Ubuntu

    So I decided to create my own driver to use Fingerprint Scanner in Ubuntu. So I need help from the peoples who can guide me in making my own driver for ubuntu

    I have an Asus Vivobook 14 Gaming Laptop with Elan Fingerprint Scanner

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    Re: Fingerprint Not Working

    Are you a C programmer?
    Have you made any other drivers already?

    If not, the required knowledge will likely take years to acquire. You can do it, but it won't be easy. You'll learn a bunch and if this is your professional goal, fantastic, but you will never earn sufficient money from this single effort to make up for the time lost which could have been spent doing more fun or more profitable things.

    The security of physical biometrics is poor, at best. It is useful as a 2nd or 3rd factor to standard authentication. It is not a viable replacement for the normal userid/password and/or FIDO2 standard USB "FOBs" like a Yubikey. A FIDO2 device can be used to unlock devices and support for that is standardized. I'd suggest spending a little money and time to get that working would be a vastly more secure
    and easier solution.

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