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Thread: Onscreen Keyboard Trigger Event?

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    Onscreen Keyboard Trigger Event?

    Edit: This appears to be an issue on X11 only. I am using X11 for a reason so please consider that thanks.

    Hello, I am developing an assistive application that runs on Ubuntu Jammy. I have disabled onscreen keyboard in accessibility. A python/tkinter app that presents two buttons somehow triggers the onscreen keyboard to appear and I have no idea why or how to control it.

    Do you have any recommendations beyond this setting below? I added this to the shell script that runs the python/tkinter app and it still triggers onscreen keyboard when touch is enabled.

    Any other suggestion to keep the onscreen keyboard suppressed? This user and application will never need it.

    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled false

    If removing the onscreen keyboard modules isn't practical what can I add to the shell script or python/tkinter app to suppress it some other way??

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