This is a cross-post from , which has been stale for 10 days.

As I've been doing for a while now, after every Ubuntu-provided kernel update (for security, etc.) - I'm needing to recompile the kernel for a test VM to include some drivers that are otherwise missing from the default config (nor even included as modules).

While following the instructions detailed at, at the end of every run of editconfigs, I'm getting the following warning / error:

check-config: 11330/11330 checks passed -- exit 0

WARNING: configuration operation applied only to a subset of architectures (skipped armhf arm64 ppc64el riscv64 s390x)

make: *** [debian/rules.d/ editconfigs] Error 1
Regardless, continuing with the next LANG=C fakeroot debian/rules binary command succeeds. However, it seems quite haphazard to proceed past this warning / error - which also results in an exit code of 2 back to the command-line, and prevents further scripting this without completely ignoring the issue. I'm also not doing anything (at least not that I know of) to "skip" these other architectures (assuming there was maybe an option to configure them without even cross-compiling them).

I do see the comment on the above documentation page about:

# you need to go through each (Y, Exit, Y, Exit..) or get a complaint about config later
... however, while I do recall seeing the repeated menus at some point months back on prior kernel versions, I'm only ever seeing the one edit for "amd64":

$ LANG=C fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs
conc_level=-j4 /bin/bash -e debian/scripts/misc/kernelconfig editconfigs "true"
Do you want to edit config: amd64/config.flavour.generic? [Y/n]
I've seen this on at least Ubuntu kernels 5.19.0-23.24, 5.19.0-35.36, and 5.19.0-38.39, so far.

How can I resolve this warning / error? Or maybe otherwise completely disable even the existence of these other architectures in my build?