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Thread: Wine Error - Does not run Illustrator

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    Wine Error - Does not run Illustrator

    Hi everyone. I'm relatively new in the world of linux, despite of using it 2 years ago. I tried to install Adobe Illustrator with Wine, and when I tried to launch de app, got me that message:

    Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 64-bit code (0x000000006872cb85).
    Register dump:
    rip:000000006872cb85 rsp:000000000021d100 rbp:000000000021d230 eflags:00010286 ( R- -- I S - -P- )
    rax:0000000000000000 rbx:000000000021d1a8 rcx:ffffffffffffffff rdx:0000000000000000
    rsi:00007fffffb9fc20 rdi:0000000000000000 r8:00000000073a1d40 r9:0000000000000028 r10:0000000000000000
    r11:00000000073a1d40 r12:0000000000000000 r13:000000000af81268 r14:0000000006849e00 r15:0000000000000000
    Stack dump:
    0x000000000021d100: 00000000073a1d40 0000000000000028
    0x000000000021d110: 00000000073a1d40 000000000b123640
    0x000000000021d120: 000000000b123bc0 000000000434fa60
    0x000000000021d130: 00000000073a1d40 0000000000000000
    0x000000000021d140: 00007fffffb9fc20 0000000000000000
    0x000000000021d150: 0000000000000002 0000000000000000
    0x000000000021d160: fffffffffffffffe 0000000000000000
    0x000000000021d170: 00007fffffb9fc20 fffffffffffffffe
    0x000000000021d180: 000000006898b1f0 00000000687c7c79
    0x000000000021d190: 00007fffffb9fc20 000000006898b170
    0x000000000021d1a0: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
    0x000000000021d1b0: fffffffffffffffe 0000000000000000
    =>0 0x000000006872cb85 EntryPoint+0xffffffffffffffff() in dvacore (0x000000000021d230)
    0x000000006872cb85 EntryPoint+0xffffffffffffffff in dvacore: repne scasw (%rsi)
    Module Address Debug info Name (114 modules)
    PE 220000- 32c000 Deferred shlwapi
    PE 330000- 398000 Deferred bib
    PE 3a0000- 3f0000 Deferred bibutils
    PE 400000- 2268000 Deferred illustrator
    PE 2270000- 232a000 Deferred msvcp100
    PE 2620000- 2dfc000 Deferred agm
    PE 2e00000- 3247000 Deferred cooltype
    PE 3250000- 37e0000 Deferred mps
    PE 37e0000- 39b5000 Deferred ace
    PE 39c0000- 3a34000 Deferred adobexmp
    PE 3a40000- 3b5d000 Deferred adobexmpfiles
    PE 3b60000- 3bcf000 Deferred are
    PE 3bd0000- 3d3b000 Deferred wrservices
    PE 3d40000- 3edb000 Deferred adobelinguistic
    PE 3ee0000- 4010000 Deferred icuuc40
    PE 4010000- 42ed000 Deferred msvcrt
    PE 42f0000- 4a60000 Deferred dvaui
    PE 4a60000- 4cea000 Deferred comdlg32
    PE 4cf0000- 526c000 Deferred comctl32
    PE 5270000- 55c1000 Deferred dvaai
    PE 55d0000- 5a8f000 Deferred dvaadameve
    PE 5a90000- 5b8f000 Deferred boost_regex
    PE 5b90000- 5d21000 Deferred exo
    PE 5d30000- 5f64000 Deferred adobeowl
    PE 5f70000- 5fa5000 Deferred axe8sharedexpat
    PE 5fb0000- 5fc2000 Deferred adobesplashkit
    PE 5fd0000- 5fe7000 Deferred msimg32
    PE 5ff0000- 624b000 Deferred amtlib
    PE 6250000- 629a000 Deferred jsproxy
    PE 62a0000- 62ef000 Deferred ahclient
    PE 62f0000- 630a000 Deferred alcid
    PE 77a0000- 7978000 Deferred aires
    PE 8130000- 82b1000 Deferred imslib
    PE 83d0000- 852e000 Deferred wbemprox
    PE 8550000- 8954000 Deferred windowscodecs
    PE d060000- d268000 Deferred adobehunspellplugin
    PE d270000- d378000 Deferred wrliloplugin
    PE d380000- d465000 Deferred aiport
    PE d470000- dd54000 Deferred adobepdfl
    PE dd60000- de44000 Deferred jp2klib
    PE de50000- df0a000 Deferred filterport
    PE df10000- e05e000 Deferred pdfport
    PE e390000- e3d8000 Deferred rasterize.aip
    PE e3e0000- e575000 Deferred colorharmony.aip
    PE e580000- e5e4000 Deferred controlpanel.aip
    PE 10000000- 100eb000 Deferred axedomcore
    PE 4a900000- 4aa50000 Deferred icuin40
    PE 4ad00000- 4ba47000 Deferred icudt40
    PE 60600000- 60618000 Deferred action.aip
    PE 60620000- 6079b000 Deferred action panel.aip
    PE 60af0000- 60b03000 Deferred artconverters.aip
    PE 60dc0000- 60f0a000 Deferred beautifulstrokes.aip
    PE 60fe0000- 61032000 Deferred pencil tool.aip
    PE 61090000- 610ba000 Deferred brushmanager.aip
    PE 61540000- 61663000 Deferred advapi32
    PE 61740000- 6198b000 Deferred wininet
    PE 61b00000- 62019000 Deferred actxprxy
    PE 62540000- 62553000 Deferred flatten transparency.aip
    PE 62600000- 62680000 Deferred foconversionsuite.aip
    PE 62680000- 62698000 Deferred fwserver.aip
    PE 62dc0000- 63039000 Deferred rpcrt4
    PE 63280000- 6329e000 Deferred version
    PE 63800000- 63850000 Deferred netprofm
    PE 639c0000- 63a11000 Deferred shcore
    PE 63c80000- 63cc7000 Deferred pathfinder suite.aip
    PE 63f10000- 64014000 Deferred pdfsuite.aip
    PE 641c0000- 6425e000 Deferred photoshop adapter.aip
    PE 64840000- 64b25000 Deferred gdiplus
    PE 64cc0000- 651bd000 Deferred oleaut32
    PE 65380000- 653a6000 Deferred wtsapi32
    PE 65fb0000- 66037000 Deferred slicing.aip
    PE 66fe0000- 671ec000 Deferred userinterface.aip
    PE 67640000- 67652000 Deferred psapi
    PE 67c80000- 67cbe000 Deferred boost_filesystem
    PE 67db0000- 67dc8000 Deferred boost_threads
    PE 67ea0000- 67ebd000 Deferred boost_signals
    PE 67ec0000- 67ecc000 Deferred boost_system
    PE 67ed0000- 67ee8000 Deferred boost_date_time
    PE 68300000- 68480000 Deferred combase
    PE 68500000- 685a2000 Deferred uxtheme
    PE 686f0000- 689dc000 Export dvacore
    PE 69070000- 691cb000 Deferred dvaworkspace
    PE 69330000- 69339000 Deferred spbasic
    PE 69400000- 69539000 Deferred winhttp
    PE 69740000- 697b3000 Deferred propsys
    PE 6a200000- 6a76f000 Deferred ole32
    PE 6ae80000- 6af5f000 Deferred msvcr100
    PE 6ba00000- 6baba000 Deferred sechost
    PE 6bac0000- 6bca8000 Deferred setupapi
    PE 6c7c0000- 6ceaa000 Deferred gdi32
    PE 6ea40000- 6ea5f000 Deferred dwmapi
    PE 6eb00000- 6f293000 Deferred user32
    PE 6f880000- 6faec000 Deferred dbghelp
    PE 70740000- 707a4000 Deferred mpr
    PE 70940000- 70ca0000 Deferred ucrtbase
    PE 71000000- 71061000 Deferred imm32
    PE 7a850000- 7a854000 Deferred opengl32
    PE 7b000000- 7b3f1000 Deferred kernelbase
    PE 7b600000- 7b965000 Deferred kernel32
    PE 7bc00000- 7bf33000 Deferred ntdll
    PE 180000000- 18005f000 Deferred logsession
    PE 241b90000- 241bb9000 Deferred zlib1
    PE 7fad507f0000- 7fad507f3000 Deferred dwrite
    PE 7fad50e40000- 7fad50e44000 Deferred wined3d
    PE 7fad510a0000- 7fad510a4000 Deferred dxgi
    PE 7fad51900000- 7fad51904000 Deferred winex11
    PE 7fad51b10000- 7fad51b13000 Deferred kerberos
    PE 7fad523c0000- 7fad523cb000 Deferred winspool
    PE 7fad52420000- 7fad52cf1000 Deferred shell32
    PE 7fad530c0000- 7fad530c4000 Deferred dnsapi
    PE 7fad530e0000- 7fad530e4000 Deferred ws2_32
    PE 7fad53120000- 7fad53124000 Deferred iphlpapi
    PE 7fad53160000- 7fad53163000 Deferred netapi32
    PE 7fad543f0000- 7fad543f3000 Deferred secur32
    process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
    00000038 services.exe
    0000003c 0
    00000040 0
    00000054 0
    00000070 0
    00000088 0
    000000ac 0
    000000e0 0
    00000044 winedevice.exe
    00000048 0
    0000005c 0
    00000060 0
    00000064 0
    0000004c explorer.exe
    00000050 0
    000000c8 0
    000000cc 0
    00000068 plugplay.exe
    0000006c 0
    00000074 0
    00000078 0
    0000007c 0
    00000098 0
    00000080 winedevice.exe
    00000084 0
    0000008c 0
    00000090 0
    00000094 0
    000000a0 0
    000000a4 svchost.exe
    000000a8 0
    000000b0 0
    000000b4 0
    000000b8 IllustratorCC64.exe
    000000bc 0
    000000d8 rpcss.exe
    000000dc 0
    000000e8 0
    000000ec 0
    000000f0 0
    000000f4 0
    000000f8 0
    00000134 0
    00000128 (D) Z:\home\gaston\.illustratorCC17\IllustratorCC17\Ap p\Illustrator64\Support Files\Contents\Windows\Illustrator.exe
    0000012c 0 <==
    00000130 0
    0000013c 0
    00000140 0
    0000014c 0
    System information:
    Wine build: wine-6.0 (Ubuntu 6.0+repack-1ubuntu1)
    Platform: x86_64
    Version: Windows 7
    Host system: Linux
    Host version: 5.19.0-38-generic

    I have installed before in linux mint, but i've changed to ubuntu 22.04 and now i can't. Can someone help me?

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    Re: Wine Error - Does not run Illustrator

    Have you tried this?

    Then again, Adobe Illustrator has a native Linux version...
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    Re: Wine Error - Does not run Illustrator

    Yes, i've tried that link from github, in fact i've installed with that instructions but then pop up that error message.

    On the other hand, i don't understand that link with an Adobe Illustrator for Linux, it has intructions for Windows. It's weird.

    I think it's an error from Wine, but I can't identify what is.

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    Re: Wine Error - Does not run Illustrator

    Yes. Very weird. IDK.

    All through the article it says "For Linux"... but following their links to their own installation page and in the system requirements, it only says Windows and MacOS, That whole thing seems like a ghost chase.

    Sorry for posting that. I should have checked it closer, in more details, before posting it.

    I checked at Adobe's Official site and they do not say they ever made a version for Linux.

    Hmmmm. My KVM Server ate a PSU last night, or I would spin up a VM to test an install and see how it went. Waiting fro the stores to open up here to see what I can afford to shell out. Hopefully that is all that is wrong with it.

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    Re: Wine Error - Does not run Illustrator

    This site maintains a list of apps wine supports

    There is also a support forum but they will insist that the latest version of wine is installed and help is rather limited anyway due to how Microsoft arrange their code.

    There was also a utility available that installs a number of dll's but afraid I can't remember it' name.

    Often a search for linux the win apps name brings up alternatives eg

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