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Thread: Ubuntu 22.04 dns issues with T-Mobile 5G Gateway

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    Ubuntu 22.04 dns issues with T-Mobile 5G Gateway

    I have several devices on my new T-Mobile 5G gateway - 2 chromebooks which connect via wifi, and a single Ubuntu 22.04 desktop, which uses a wired connection.

    Both chromebooks work correctly on the gateway, without making any changes from my previous comcast access point, only had to select the new 5G gateway and enter the password, and everything works fine.

    The desktop however, does not function correctly: if connected wired to comcast router, everything works. If connected instead wired to T-Mobile, (the same one the chromebooks are connected to), it appears to have a problem with DNS. I have a static ip address of assigned to my desktop. When I use a webpage to get to, it works; if i try to get to, it times out. The chromebooks are able to get to both and

    Any suggestions on what the problem is? I feel that it is with Ubuntu 22.04, since the chromebooks are able to access all web pages, but desktop can only find some sites. Note that my comcast network if ipv4, and the Tmobile gatewayis ipv6.

    I made some suggested changes to /etc/systemctl/resolved.conf, setting the DNS=DNS= (among others when testing - none worked), and tried setting DNSSEC=false, DNSSEC=no, DNSSEC=yes, and none of these settings worked.

    Anyone with any suggestions?


    BBQBailey, Georgia USA

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    Re: Ubuntu 22.04 dns issues with T-Mobile 5G Gateway

    The resolved.conf settings you posted appear to be in the wrong format. Rather than interpreting, just post the text and wrap it inside forum 'code tags'

    BTW, do you really want to use Cicso's DNS?
    Because you aren't using DHCP, the router's DNS isn't being picked up automatically. You need to specify
    one per line, then restart
    sudo systemctl  restart  systemd-resolved
    BTW, ALE meets virtually at 3pm today, if you need more help, or I got that last command wrong. I don't use resolved myself.

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    Re: Ubuntu 22.04 dns issues with T-Mobile 5G Gateway

    Thanks everyone for the help!

    I was able to fix the problem in this manner:

    How I fixed: on Ubuntu 22.04, go to Settings, Network, Wired 1 (yours may be named something else), settings gear, ipv6 tab. Change ‘IPV6 Method’ from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Automatic, DHCP only.

    I was able to then click between the two selections, in my case “Wired 1” and “Profile 1”, and that case, it toggled my ip address from to, and changed the default router from to

    If after you changed the settings, it doesn’t work, try restarting the service using:

    sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service

    Thanks everyone for your assistance!

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