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Thread: Command for remapping "delete" key

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    Command for remapping "delete" key

    Good day,
    I am new to Ubuntu and wish to remap the left key of my keyboard to use it as del "delete" key (keeping anyhow the right delete key as unchanged)

    I found in "Settings > Keyboard > View and customize keyboard > custom shortcuts > Add custom shortcuts, with 3 lines to be filled:
    Name: I understand this is the new name I want for designation of my new shortcut, ok
    Command: I understand this is the "delete" command I should enter here to use the shortcut as I want to do, as a "delete" key
    Shortcut, add shortcut: I understand this is the (left) key of my keyboard I want to use as a new "del" key, ok ( I just have to click on the chosen key of my keyboard)

    The help file is not clear for me on this item, how to I enter the right "delete" command in the second line ? / I tried to enter the word "delete", or the word "del" but this do not work

    As an other option, if I wish to use the "loudspeaker high" key as an alternative to the del key, what would be the command to use?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Command for remapping "delete" key

    What might be easier for you is xkeycaps:

    Here is a YouTube video on how to use it:

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    Re: Command for remapping "delete" key

    I do believe that xkeycaps and its underlying utility xmodmap no longer work under Wayland. If OP is still using X11, then these two utilities are fine, but Wayland will nerf them.


    Please follow the instructions in the link in my sig: Remapping Keys

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