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Thread: DHCP not working on Wifi

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    Question DHCP not working on Wifi


    I am using Lubuntu 22.04 on a Minix Neo Z84U and have the following issue:
    * I can see the list of all AP nearby and connect to my AP
    * I don't receive any IP address via DHCP from my router (network is fine as other devices are on it)
    * If I set a fixed IP + DNS or the WLAN, I have internet connection

    When using DHCP, I have no IP address in "ip a s wlan0".

    I tried to change the dhcp provider to dhclient in the NetworManager.conf but still the same issue.

    What can I do to debug and solve this and have the DHCP working ?
    Thanks for your support !

    Edit: here the requested debug info :
    * and here when the IP is set manually and internet connection is ok >
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