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Thread: Old Ubuntu Bug reappearing

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    Old Ubuntu Bug reappearing

    I have set up monitoring on my Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS web server. One of the checks is to check the interface speed.

    In searching I have found the following bug page with theexact issue I am seeing.

    Has this bug been resolved?


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    Re: Old Ubuntu Bug reappearing

    below is a screenshot.

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    Re: Old Ubuntu Bug reappearing

    That bug report is from 2016.

    It was specific to VMs. A kernel engineer reviewed and wrote:

    At best this is a wishlist bug report against upstream z/VM & upstream qemu to expose something more realistic in the guest, which kernel then can pick up and display. What kernel is showing to you, is as much as it knows, and there is no bug there as far as I can tell.
    So if you are encountering the same issue in the same circumstances, then it's not a kernel bug (where "bug"="mistake or broken; to be fixed") but a hypervisor bug (where "bug"="feature request") and a new bug should be filed accordingly.

    If you are encountering this behavior under different circumstances (like not using a hypervisor), then it's an all-new bug apparently unrelated to the similar-looking older, and troubleshooting should start from scratch without reference to the older bug.
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