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Thread: Audio issues w/ubuntu on Chromebook.

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    Audio issues w/ubuntu on Chromebook.

    I recently obtained an Acer N15Q9 and went through the rigamarole of putting Linux on it via the guides provided by mrchromebox. Everything is solid except for audio playback. When I try to watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast it will work for a few minutes then the audio stream will freeze and the speakers will emit an obnoxious buzzing. I thought it may have something to do with Ubuntu 22.10 switching away from pulse-audio so I tried 22.04 and had the same result. The issue also occurs under a live USB for Linux Mint. I know the issue is not hardware related because this didn't happen under ChromeOS and killing the process responsible for the audio stream, EG Firefox, stops the issue. I'm unsure where to go in troubleshooting from here, anybody have advice?

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    Re: Audio issues w/ubuntu on Chromebook.

    Hi there herorareheart.
    i have exactly the same problem on my acer cb5-132t R11 , also used the same installation procedure , and i installed a lot of different distros to see if the error follows along and it does.
    any luck with finding out an solution for your system.

    / Lindis

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