I've noticed a small inconsistency when logging on to Ubuntu that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else. When booting a Ubuntu Gnome DE (I've tried as recent as 22.04.1), at the user select screen, I need to click the username or press enter before the computer will accept my password (though this is fixed for the lock screen).

I'd really like to be able to just start typing, as I can do at the lock screen, to enter my password without needing to press enter first. Is there a setting anywhere for this? Why doesn't it assume that alphanumeric key presses mean that the user wants to select that user and just open the password entry box?

In addition, there is no "Go" or "Proceed" equivalent button for after typing the password. The lock screen doesn't seem to have one either. I mean, my enter key isn't broken, but it seems like an odd thing not to also have an onscreen button to submit the password as well, since most other OSes and DEs have one.