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Thread: Screen issues, colours seem polarised

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    Screen issues, colours seem polarised

    I'm a newcomer to Ubuntu so not sure how this has happened, nor whether I've accidentally activated something or whether it's an issue (I presume the latter).
    After turning on the machine after a full shut down a few hours before, the main UI colours are really off making it impossible to use. On my laptop screen, it's impossible to use as all action elements are white on white, and all text is white. My wallpaper is the only thing with colour, but they seem polarised and is full of whites and light blues in places of darker tones of red and black.
    It's a little better on my second monitor as that's displaying white on yellow so it's just about readable. From the little that I can see, all relevant settings seem to be as they were before.
    The colours are normal on the boot screens and the log in screen, as well as running Ubuntu as "normal". This issue only seems to be present when running through Xorg, which seems to be needed to get zoom to work properly (which I need for my course).
    Running latest version of Ubuntu LTS, on Lenovo legion 5 (non dual boot)

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    Re: Screen issues, colours seem polarised

    That would be your NVidia driver.

    Settings > Additional Drivers > ... choose a driver.

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    Re: Screen issues, colours seem polarised

    That's great thank you, I'll give that a go!

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