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Thread: List of graphics cards supported by 22.x

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    List of graphics cards supported by 22.x

    I have just installed ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64 on a PC, but as of 22.x it no longer supports my graphics card.

    Is there a definitive list of supported cards ???

    They must offer at least OpenGL 3.1

    I am NOT a Linux guru so the driver should just work with little or no hacking.


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    Re: List of graphics cards supported by 22.x

    Would help if you listed your graphics card make and model.

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    Re: List of graphics cards supported by 22.x

    can tell you that graphics cards that i used are compatible with 22.04

    nvidia t400 (with nvidia-driver)
    amd rx 550 (with amdgpu or without)
    amd wx2100 (with amdgpu or without)

    official amdgpu drivers are officially only supported for LTS Kernel, which is a bit of a limitation, but besides, for 22.04 it is functioning.
    the installation of AMDGPU however, is a bit tricky on 22.04 , since the driver-package seems to have some error with the repository; on 18,04 and 20.04 no such issues.
    the opensource RADEON driver however functions flawlessly, but lacks some features.
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    Re: List of graphics cards supported by 22.x

    I just buy AMD/ATI pulls off Ebay. I don't know what version of OpenGL they support, they work fine for office type work. I've never messed with advanced graphic/video editing or gaming so can't help there. They cost around $20 - $30 which is a fraction of what even low end new video cards cost. They use the Radeon driver so plug 'em in and they work.


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