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Thread: Sound playback pauses video playbac in Firefox and Celluloid after upgrading to 22.04

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    Sound playback pauses video playbac in Firefox and Celluloid after upgrading to 22.04

    I just upgraded from 21.10 to 22.04 and had two problems.

    The first one was that I had no audio playback in the OS. I fixed this by following the last answer to this question:

    This didn’t fix my second problem, though.

    When I try playing video (YouTube, Twitch) in Firefox, it plays a frame and then stops. You can fast forward and rewind the video, but it won’t play anything beyond one frame or so. BUT! if you mute the sound (either by muting the tab, or by using the “mute” button in YouTube/Twitch player), the video plays just fine. There is a similar issue with Celluloid, the difference is that videos would play only a frame muted or not.

    Video playback in Steam, Epiphany and Chrome works fine (with sound). VLC and Totem play videos, but there is no sound.

    Another weird thing I noticed is that now video thumbnailer in Nautilus fails to create thumbnails for video files.

    I have (re)installed ubuntu-restricted-extras, ffmpeg, avcodec, gstreamer. I tried googling, but didn’t find anything relevant. Needless to say, any of the issues I mentioned were present before the upgrade. Do you have any ideas?

    EDIT: I forgot to add one relevant fact: I have purged all snaps, removed snapd and installed Firefox as a deb through Mozilla’s PPA.

    EDIT2: I tried playing just sound on Firefox (specifically by playing audiobook samples on the web) and it works fine. Celluloid plays mp3 files just fine too.

    EDIT3: Strange. A random video on a local newspaper’s page just played without problems (i.e. with sound), so this means it is a problem with specific content type. I’d gladly provide more info, but I just don’t know where to go next.
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