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Thread: 22.04 and Wayland issues

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    Angry 22.04 and Wayland issues

    I'm still unable to use Wayland with Ubuntu for two reasons:
    1. MS Teams doesn't allow screen sharing. This may well be an issue with MS and the version of Electron used to build Teams, but the net effect is that I can't use Wayland.
    2. Using Firefox to connect to an Appstream desktop and all the mouse positions are a couple of pixels out (I have to click slightly down and to the right to hit the selected item). Revert to X11 and all clicks are spot on. This makes for a very frustrating experience when navigating a remote Windows file explorer and trying to click on the tiny + icons to expand a folder.

    This is a shame, as I can't benefit from the multi-screen scaling improvements that Wayland offers. My setup consists of 2x4k monitors and one full HD. With X11 all monitors share the same scaling factor, so either I set the scaling to 100% and everything on the 4k displays is too small, or I set it to 200% and then hardly anything fits on the HD monitor.

    Given the close relationship between Canonical and MS at present, some pressure to resolve the Teams issue would be a massive help!

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    Re: 22.04 and Wayland issues

    1. People have been reporting this problem to Microsoft for some weeks. I used to have that issue with Zoom Client but it got fixed. Is MS Teams or due to the Wayland compositor itself. Who knows.

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    Re: 22.04 and Wayland issues

    Yeah it would be great to get this going, it's quite involved to switch back to X11 just for a screenshare with colleagues.

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