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Thread: Can I install Ubuntu 22.04 on a Bios Legacy disk?

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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu 22.04 on a Bios Legacy disk?

    Quote Originally Posted by jkaltes View Post
    Before I re-installed Ubuntu I could boot Ubuntu 22.04 from the legacy SSD, but the re-installation failed and required a EFI partition I didn't need beforehand.
    Are you booting the usb media in a BIOS MBR mode not in UEFI mode? Regards and cheers
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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu 22.04 on a Bios Legacy disk?

    required a EFI partition
    I don't believe it is 'required' as pointed out above. I;ve seen threads here where users skipped that opton and proceeded with a successful install. If you have a Legacy/CSM option in your BIOS firmware, make sure that is enabled and when you boot, you should see an option to boot either EFI or Legacy/CSM in the boot options. If you boot in EFI mode, you will always see that message. Since you have windows installed in Legacy mode, you must have that option in the BIOS firmware.

    If you select to install to the same partition on which you had a previous Ubuntu install without formatting, it should simply install new system software.

    Best next step is to run boot repair as suggested above using the 2nd option described on that site using the ppa and Create BootInfo Summary option and posting the link you get here so members can review it and make suggestions.

    You can have a Legacy install of windows and an EFI install of Ubuntu on the same drive but that would require you to change boot options in the BIOS firmware each time you want to switch the OS. Grub EFI won't boot a Legacy windows and windows BCD EFI won't boot Linux.
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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu 22.04 on a Bios Legacy disk?

    Grub only boots working Windows.
    That means Windows does not need chkdsk and fast start up/hibernation must be off.
    But Windows turns fast startup back on with updates.
    With UEFI, you just boot the UEFI Windows entry to fix Windows.

    But with BIOS you only have one MBR.
    So you have to temporarily reinstall Windows boot loader, fix Windows, & then restore grub.
    Be sure to have both Windows repair flash drive & Ubuntu live installer to to the MBR boot loader changes when grub stops booting Windows.

    BIOS mode with newer Windows only really works with multiple drives, each install & its boot loader on that drive. Then when you need the Windows fix to turn fast startup off, you can in UEFI/BIOS switch boot drive to fix Windows. Grub will normally offer to boot Windows.

    With new systems both Windows & Ubuntu may update UEFI. And with many systems, that reverts settings you changed to install Ubuntu back to defaults. Updates may occur as part of other normal updates, so you may also need to check UEFI settings.
    I have motherboards that are not in UEFI update from Linux with fwupate, so always know when I do an update.
    Do not know if Windows has setting to let you only do UEFI updates manually.
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