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Thread: adsysctl cannot read GPT.INI over smb

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    Question adsysctl cannot read GPT.INI over smb

    Running a couple of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop instances in a Windows AD environment. Both are domain-joined, AD user logins work as intended, and Windows-hosted smb shares can be accessed using kerberos tickets. The problem I'm having is when running 'adsysctl update', the policy update fails in a manner similar to the following:

    root@dev-01:/home/ad/devuser# adsysctl update -m -vv
    INFO No configuration file: Config File "adsys" Not Found in "[/home/ad/devuser /root /etc]".
    We will only use the defaults, env variables or flags.
    DEBUG Connecting as [[116547:814960]]
    DEBUG New request /service/UpdatePolicy
    DEBUG Requesting with parameters: IsComputer: true, All: false, Target: dev-01, Krb5Cc:
    DEBUG NormalizeTargetName for "dev-01", type "computer"
    DEBUG Check if grpc request peer is authorized
    DEBUG Authorized as being administrator
    DEBUG GetPolicies for "dev-01", type "computer"
    DEBUG Getting gpo list with arguments: "--objectclass computer ldap:// dev-01"
    DEBUG GPO "One of Many GPOs" for "dev-01" available at "smb://{ABCDEF01-2345-6789-ABCD-EF0123456789}"
    DEBUG Analyzing "One of Many GPOs"
    INFO No assets directory with GPT.INI file found on AD, skipping assets download
    ERROR Error from server: error while updating policy: can't get policies for "dev-01": can't download all gpos and assets: one or more error while fetching GPOs and assets: can't download "One of Many GPOs": can't check if One of Many GPOs needs refreshing: no GPT.INI file: cannot open smb://{ABCDEF01-2345-6789-ABCD-EF0123456789}/GPT.INI: permission denied
    Server-side, I found multiples of the following log entry which correlate strongly with adsys update attempts:
    SMB Session Authentication Failure
    Client Name: \\
    Client Address:
    User Name: 
    Session ID: 0x1680C64000B11
    Status: The request is not supported. (0xC00000BB)
    SPN: session setup failed before the SPN could be queried
    SPN Validation Policy: SPN optional / no validation
    You should expect this error when attempting to connect to shares using incorrect credentials.
    This error does not always indicate a problem with authorization, but mainly authentication. It is more common with non-Windows clients.
    This error can occur when using incorrect usernames and passwords with NTLM, mismatched LmCompatibility settings between client and server, an incorrect service principal name, duplicate Kerberos service principal names, incorrect Kerberos ticket-granting service tickets, or Guest accounts without Guest access enabled
    If I run 'adsys update' multiple times, each time it flags a different GPT.INI smb-hosted file as having the same issue. With enough repetitions, I was able to determine that adsys is unable to access the contents of any assigned GPO over smb. The odd thing is, the following test does work:

    root@dev-01:/home/ad/devuser# mount.cifs "//{ABCDEF01-2345-6789-ABCD-EF0123456789}" /mnt/smbtest0 -o sec=krb5i,ro
    root@dev-01:/home/ad/devuser# ls /mnt/smbtest0
     Adm   GPT.INI  'Group Policy'   MACHINE   USER
    SSSD appears to be in a healthy state, and we haven't had any issues with our current kerberos config. Similarly, server-side permissions for the affected group policy objects & their files are configured to permit read access by the machine accounts that computers dev-01 and dev-02 (my other Ubuntu test system) use. At this point I'm not sure whether this is a configuration issue or a bug of some sort (maybe golang implements smb + krb5 in an strange mannner?). Any input or recommendations would be appreciated.

    config_file_version = 2
    domains =
    default_domain_suffix =
    services = ifp
    access_provider = simple
    ad_domain =
    cache_credentials = True
    default_shell = /bin/bash
    default_shell = /bin/bash
    dns_discovery_domain = SCHOOL.EDU
    fallback_homedir = home/ad/%u
    id_provider = ad
    krb5_realm = SCHOOL.EDU
    krb5_store_password_if_offline = True
    ldap_id_mapping = True
    override_homedir = /home/ad/%u
    override_shell = /bin/bash
    realmd_tags = manages-system joined-with-adcli
    simple_allow_groups = AGroup01, AGroup02
    simple_allow_users = ASvcAcct01
            default_realm = SCHOOL.EDU
            dns_lookup_realm = true
            dns_lookup_kdc = true
            ticket_lifetime = 24h
            renew_lifetime = 7d
            rdns = false
            forwardable = true
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