Hi everyone,
I've recently moved from my old trusted Acer Aspire to a brand new Lenovo Yoga Gen 7 Pro X. As a long-time Ubuntu user, I ordered it without OS, ready to load the new Ubuntu 22 LTS.
I explicitly choose Lenovo because of his decanted Linux support, and I had no problem in BIOS and grub, but on the login screen, the keyboard is no longer working. To be sure it was not a hardware problem, I quickly tried Windows and It's all working fine. On the other side, every distro I've tried so far shows off the same problem. I've found some Lenovo keyboard fixes (famous grub i8042 parameter modification, xserver-Xorg reinstallation) but neither of them was specific for my hardware and so nothing changed so far. I even tried installing the last 5.19 Linux kernel but it was a clear failure. Hope someone will be able to help me
Thanks you in advance