My end goal is to have LXDE & Openbox installed as DE/WM on top of Ubuntu Server with all of the hardware working.

[Since there is no longer a mini.iso option (I, like 10,000+ other people, find this to be capital "D" dumb), I have to do a full server install ( ubuntu-22.04-live-server-amd64.iso ). When I install LXDE & Openbox, the touchpad partially works. The touchpad area works to move the cursor. Tapping or touching the touchpad area is supposed to simulate a left-click, but it does not work. The bottom buttons on the touchpad work fine (left-click/button and right-click/button).]

I wiped the drive & installed Ubuntu Mate 22.04, and the touchpad works perfectly.
Again, the touchpad has a flat touchpad area and two raised buttons at the bottom for left-button and right-button, like old/traditional touchpads.

I then installed LXDE, hoping that the framework/firmware/whatever would carry over from the MATE install when I booted into LXDE. I still can not tap the touchpad to simulate left-click.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?