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Thread: Onboard keyboard application running, but not visible

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    Onboard keyboard application running, but not visible

    Hi all,

    The Onboard keyboard application (1.4.1-2ubuntu7) is running, but not visible - not when Alt-Tabbing or after switching to view all programs running screen mode.

    onboard &

    from terminal also results in the same behavior.

    Uninstalled and installed again, still the same.

    It used to work fine (last month).

    Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Onboard keyboard application running, but not visible

    I ran sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade in my Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS and started onboard. It works for me.

    Try to remember what [special things] have happened during the time since onboard worked.

    - Have you installed some new program package?
    - Have you changed between Xorg and Wayland?
    - Are you running the default desktop environment or something you installed later?
    - Is there a problem with some other program too?
    - Did you check if onboard is not starting at all, or if it starts, but does not show anything on the desktop?

    - What is the output of the following command?
    ps -ef|grep onboard
    Edit: Have you clicked on the onboard icon near the top right corner of the screen? You can toggle 'hiding' it that way.
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