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Thread: No HDMI support for Matebook 16s

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    No HDMI support for Matebook 16s

    Hi gents,

    i'm very new in Ubuntu and my knowledge isn't that much to understand how to solve some hardware issues.
    I have buye me a new laptop, the Matebook 16s. Everthing is working pretty fine. Without my HDMI. It is not possible to use my monitor without that.

    I have used google to find a solution for Ubuntu 22.04, but nothing happens.

    The installed graphic driver is Mesa Intel® Graphics (ADL GT2) and on the company side is Intel®Iris®Xe as driver defined.

    How can i solve this issue?

    Thank you

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    Re: No HDMI support for Matebook 16s

    same issue here, news?

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