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Thread: Changing interface language in Gimp

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    Changing interface language in Gimp

    I've just installed Gimp 2.10 on Ubuntu MATE 22.04 and want to change the interface language, preferably to Cymraeg, but at the very least to UK English. However the option seems to be disabled in Edit > Preferences > Interface and US English is the only option.

    How to change this?
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    Re: Changing interface language in Gimp

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    Re: Changing interface language in Gimp

    @OP, the Art & Design sub-forum, where you posted, is a bit of an underused backwater, whose strapline reads:

    Discuss various aspects of Ubuntu and Art here. Questions about using software for image editing should go in the Multimedia Software section.
    Thread moved to the Multimedia Software sub-forum. Although your question is about changing the language in image editing software, rather than image editing itself, you'll get better exposure here. Good luck.
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    Re: Changing interface language in Gimp

    I'm curious if this is a compile time option. It may be set that way so it just matches the system without easily getting screwed but seems like an intentional gimp (no pun intended) to a feature the program supplies? I haven't an Ubuntu available at the moment to check. If it is a compile option you may be able to edit that then recompile it. Is a simple process if you aren't inclined toward the Flatpak method.

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