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Thread: Intel Iris xe DG1/2 Offboard

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    Intel Iris xe DG1/2 Offboard

    Hi all,

    The newer GPU's Intel Iris Xe (Asus DG1-4G and Gunnir Blue Halberd Íris Xe) DG1 are already reality in EBAY to buy, for example. With a TDP lower than 75W, with passive cooling (needing only a small aluminum heatsink or an active one with a tiny fan) this video card clashes with NVidia's GTX 1050 TI, however it can only deliver this with I5 and i7 processors 9th or 10th generation and some specific motherboards (does not work with AMD processor). Considering that the Offboard iris XE DG2 is coming to fight with the GTX 3070 and AMD RX 6700 XT with the similar efficience, does Canonical intend to renew the compatibility of MESA graphics to receive this line of GPU's from Intel?
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