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Thread: Monitor for Linux

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    Monitor for Linux

    Hello, I was wondering to buy a new monitor for my computer, and I realised that are Monitors with compatibility with Windows...
    I wanted to buy a Samsung Oddisey 144hz 4ms with Display Port 1.2, because I want dual monitor to worl, but the company that have the monitor, say that have only compatibility with Windows... Is possible buy it and have problems with it?

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    Re: Monitor for Linux

    Any hardware can have issues.
    That doesn't mean you will have issues.
    A quick search in different Linux forums returned some issues with Samsung Odyssey monitors. I'd look over those and decide if you hit them, would they be unlivable problems or not. For example, if updates to the monitor firmware can only be applied using a Windows program, how will you get those updates? Lacking the updates, could an older firmware provide all the features you need?

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