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Thread: Testing new installation

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    Testing new installation

    I am "new" to Ubuntu in that I haven't used it much. I have installed Wine64 but now I would like to test it by installing a new app known to work on Wine without problems. I would be grateful for suggestions.

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    Re: Testing new installation

    I suggest that you find a WINE how-to guide, try to follow it. If you get stuck, ask specific questions back here, posting text (not images) for all text commands.

    WINE has a website with an application database for thousands of applications and versions for how to get them working. However, you might find that different versions of WINE have different levels of support. I've had working applications break after a WINE update, so just because an application is listed as working 2 yrs ago, that doesn't mean it still works.

    In general, WINE is a less-than-great solution for almost all needs, except perhaps, for selected games with a vibrant Linux user community. After 3 yrs fighting to keep a finance program for Windows running under WINE, I gave up and move it into a Windows virtual machine. Haven't had any issues since. Additionally, instead of 90% of the program features working, since the move into a VM, 100% of the features work.

    It all comes down to how much effort you are willing to expend to get and keep a specific application working. For me, when the WINE upgrade happened and broke the application, I spend 2 weeks - perhaps 20 hours - trying to get it working again before giving up and moving on. Each person will have a different hassle level they are willing to endure.

    Since that time, I've attempted to use WINE a few times with some old games and was always disappointed. Hardware is so much faster these days that running the games inside a full-screen VM works well enough, provided the game doesn't expect direct GPU access.

    Those are my suggestions.

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