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Thread: Intel UHD Graphics driver is wrong

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    Intel UHD Graphics driver is wrong

    Hello everyone,
    I have problems with various linux distros because my GPU driver is wrong. Intel N4020 have UHD 600 Graphics but when i type lspci I get this :
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 605 (rev 06)
    Is there any way to change gpu driver to correct one?
    Thanks in advance !

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    Re: Intel UHD Graphics driver is wrong

    It is using the correct driver, the UHD Graphics 605 doesn't matter as that info is obtained from a online database and doesn't affect what driver is loaded

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    Re: Intel UHD Graphics driver is wrong

    If you want to see the correct name, you probably just need to run "sudo update-pciids".
    It looks like the 600 was incorrectly named in the database years after it first appeared, but should be fixed now:

    As jeremy31 points out though, that is just a human-readable string and it doesn't change what driver loads.

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