Ive got two AsusPro all-in-one systems on my desk. One is configured with windows10, the other with the latest Ubuntu distro. Both work as intended, but I have found a difference in the touch input detection.

It seems that on the Ubuntu system there are 'margins', at least on the bottom of the screen, that prevent touch input. The margin is around ~25px high where no input is registered when just 'tapping'. When dragging a finger from the middle I can see touch is detected in this margin area (using website https://tecagile.com/online-touch-screen-test/ in fullscreen mode (max resolution is 1366x768))

This issue does not occur on the windows10 system, tapping on the bottom of the screen is almost always detected and registered. This makes me believe this is software related, not hardware.

I have run xinput_calibrator and made several succesful calibrations, but the margin remains.

I hope someone is able to help me remove this margin, or this behaviour.